Lukaku took another mistake to say that he moved to Chelsea

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Inter Milan on-loan striker Romelu Lukaku has pointed out that leaving the club for Chelsea last season was a career mistake. Lukaku took another mistake to say that he moved to Chelsea.

         The Belgian star has returned to Internacion after an unsuccessful return to Stamford Bridge, and has been interviewed for upsetting his departure from the ufabet club. To the fans of “Sing the Blues” very much, and from the latest media talks, referred to this issue again.

         “The biggest challenge in my career was this season here I left, it was a mistake, wasn’t it Nico?” Lukaku said, laughing at his friend Nicolo Barella team up.

        “I am now happy to wear this shirt. The team knew what we had to do. It will be a big challenge this season and we need to keep going.”

         “I realized last season in England how important Inter is in the world. The club’s profile is improving internationally. Social media is important too. And you can see how we perform in the dressing room, in training, cuddling and having fun.”

         “Milan is a wonderful city which is why I kept my old apartment when I moved to London. Because my mom is always here and I want to come back too.”