Tips to eliminate musty smells in closets

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Musty wardrobe Nearby problems that should not be neglected Because it may cause harm in many ways, especially clothes hanging in the closets that may have a musty smell attached to them. When clothes are worn, the musty smell can overpower the perfume, causing people around you to groan. Makes the wearer lack confidence And even though the musty smell has been dealt with by washing and drying new clothes But the musty smell still remained. Because the problem was solved in the wrong way,

Find the cause of the musty smell problem in the closet.

The first step of The way to deodorize a closet is to consider and find the cause. The source of the problem is the musty wardrobe. Which is the factor that makes the closet smell musty. Report by UFABET

  • Damp Cloth: Some pieces of cloth or clothing may still be damp from drying. When stored in the closet It makes the cloth less dry or more difficult to dry. And of course, it causes a musty smell in the closet as well. 
  • Dirty shoes It’s another reason. Musty wardrobe For those who keep their shoes separated in their closets Musty smell problem in the closet Part of this may come from stains on shoes that were not cleaned immediately before putting them in the closet. 
  • Hang worn clothes together with other clothes in the closet. If the clothes have been worn and haven’t been washed or dried in the sun to kill germs before hanging them in the closet, This may be another reason why Closets can be musty as well.
  • Rarely cleans the closet with time conditions and other factors Makes it impossible to clean the closet. This results in dust and dirt and germs accumulating in the closet, which becomes a musty smell problem in the closet .

Ways to get rid of musty smells in closets.

Fabric softener

Have friends pour fabric softener into a plastic box with a hole punched in the top. Then put it on the floor of the closet. Fabric softener has the ability to eliminate musty odors very well. It also adds a fresh scent to our clothes. In any case, friends, don’t forget to always change the fabric softener you keep in your closet. If you leave it for a long time, bacteria can get mixed in. It may cause the smell to increase even more.

Diced soap

Another economical helper for us is bar soap. Have your friends cut their soap into small pieces like dice and put them in a cup and place them in the closet. Then close the cabinet tightly. Leave it for 5 – 6 hours and then remove it from the cabinet. The time we left behind When the soap is heated, it will slowly melt and when it melts, it will release a fragrant scent. This fragrance will help deodorize the wardrobe.

Lemon mixed with warm water

This method is a way to help solve the problem at the root cause. Because we’re going to be cleaning out our closets with lemons and warm water, have your friends take clean, warm water and mix it with the juice of two lemons to one cup of water. Then wipe it clean in the cabinet. And don’t forget to remove all clothes and items from the closet. Once the closet is completely dry So it was put back in the original place. This method will not only help with the smell. It also helps eliminate mold that is in the cabinet.