“Sauna” healthy activity with many benefits

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Sauna baking has been with humans for a long time. And it is considered another healthy activity that is in trend and has always been popular. Spending time in a sauna not only helps us relax, but it also helps us relax. After exercising at the fitness center Many people may have used the sauna before bathing. A sauna is probably a room surrounded by wood and hot stones that make the temperature in the room extremely hot. We sat in the sauna until our skin felt hot. Then came out to take a shower. The sweat that flows while in a sauna makes many people feel comfortable, 

Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing.

Helps relieve pain.

Sauna bathing improves the blood circulation in the body. Therefore, it may help reduce muscle pain. Helps joints move better. It also helps reduce pain due to arthritis. Report by https://ufabet999.app

Helps with skin

Sauna bath helps cleanse the skin. Makes you feel that your skin is brighter. For the patient Psoriasis: Some people find that sauna bathing reduces symptoms of the disease. But if you have allergic dermatitis or skin allergies (Atopic Dermatitis) should avoid saunas. This may make your symptoms worse.

Helps relieve allergy symptoms

For people with allergies Sauna bathing may help relieve the respiratory system. Helps dissolve phlegm Makes you feel more comfortable breathing.

Sauna helps relieve stress.

Heat from sauna Not only will it make you feel relaxed and relieved of stress, but it will also make you refreshed. and feel better health as well.

How to use the sauna safely.

  • Use the sauna when your body is in good health. Not in a state of fatigue, lack of food, fever, colds, etc. (if you have a congenital disease The symptoms should be at a stable, controlled level and should consult a doctor before receiving services)
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before using the sauna.
  • Exercise before entering the sauna. This could be walking or running for 30 minutes, walking or running up and down the stairs 3-4 times without stopping. Give your heart a little exercise. But heart disease patients should not exercise too hard.
  • Be careful not to adjust the temperature of the sauna too high. Keep it at a level that is hot but tolerable.
  • You can spend time in the sauna from 5-20 minutes, but if you feel dizzy, dizzy, or faint, you should come out quickly.
  • Sit outside the sauna until the skin And the body as a whole can adapt to the air outside the sauna first. Then slowly go into the shower.
  • Sip 2-4 glasses of water slowly after using the sauna. To replace lost sweat