Xhaka is satisfied with Arsenal to enhance the championship experience to the team

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Granit Xhaka, senior Arsenal midfielder, has liked his efforts to bring in new players at the heart of winners like Gabriel Jesus or Fabio Vieira as it will pass on the experience of winning the league. To the other teammates in the dressing room

Jesus has won the English Premier League 4 times, 3 League Cups, 1 FA Cup as Manchester City , while the Brazilian national team is the Copa America champion 2019 or the gold medal. 2016 men’s football for Samba. U -23

Vieira’s side is not inferior to the Premier Liga champions of Portugal with FC Porto 2 times , 1 Portuguese Cup.  

Which the veteran like Xhaka is confident that when someone is familiar with being a champion on the team would pass on his ambitions to his comrades as well.

“ They bring more than just games and wins, ” he told Sky Sports.

“ They brought with them the spirit of champions. which is necessary for us here It’s easy to say, but things like that will show up on the pitch. ” 

“ Our new signing this summer brought that experience, like ‘ Gaby ‘ , Jesus knows the English Premier League very well, winning almost every competition. But above all we have a very hungry player ufabet. ”

“ You may have won the championship in Roi Et seven districts of water. and think I’ve had enough But that guy still wants a lot more with Arsenal. ”

“ That makes us very happy when we have them in the team. ” 

 Mikel Arteta’s side are scheduled to play three games in the United States with Orlando City , Everton and Chelsea, then return to the Emirates Cup at home.