Buy-sell guru claims Ten Hag wants a Seyeek Reunion

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Market expert Dean Jones claims that Manchester United manager. Erik ten Hag has a philosophy to strengthen the first-round market in the position with a familiar network. So Chelsea’s Hakim Ziyech is. want to have ufabet.

Reports from ‘ Give Me Sport ‘ that the Moroccan star is not in head coach Thomas Tuchel ‘s plans, with the team signing Raheem Sterling for £50m away from Manchester City. Causing Ziyech ‘s chances to kick even less.  

In the past, although the 29 – year-old was linked to AC Milan. But the two clubs agreed on rent – loan and player wages that didn’t fit. The negotiations were stall.  

It was this that gave United the chance to make an offer as Ten Hag was familiar with Ziyech for more than two and a half years. While working at Ajax Amsterdam.

“ The transfer of Ziyech to AC Milan was a little stuck. which if so We can’t rule out the idea that Ten Hag will pull him back to Manchester United instead, ” Jones told the podcast.

While not as popular as Fabricio Romano’s broad credit , Dean Jones is considered a heavyweight insider. Accuracy level of 70% focuses more on punching the target than sowing the net.  

Considering the possibility, there is a chance when Chelsea want to grab Cristiano Ronaldo from Old Trafford and may bring the two players directly in exchange.